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In other words, you should not expect that person to willingly sit and listen to every little detail.Instead, just give the basic information, and then your date can ask for more information if desired.In my opinion, the best time to talk about therapy with a person you’re dating is during the same conversation in which you say, “Gee, we’ve been dating for a little while and I’m really enjoying this, and I want us to get to know each other a little better and maybe even get a bit more serious.” If the other person responds to that or a similar statement in a positive way, you can then say, “I want to start by letting you know more about my life as a way to help us grow closer.” Then it might be useful to talk about some of the ways you want to grow as a person, and/or to provide some background about any family of origin issues that you may have (which is the sort of stuff that typically leads adults into counseling).If you are still getting nods and a smiling, engaged face, you and the other person can move forward into the kind of open, honest, nonjudgmental conversation that forms the basis of all lasting relationships. The depth of the conversation that you want to have about being in therapy is probably related to the shame you feel (or don’t feel) about being in therapy and/or the issues that led you to therapy.Sure, you want to “look good” and maybe you’d prefer that not everyone on the planet know about every little thing you’ve ever done, but if you’re dating seriously and you find yourself keeping a secret about the fact that you go therapy every Thursday at , it doesn’t bode well. If you find that you’re reluctant to share about therapy with someone you’re dating, you may want to ask yourself why.Are you afraid that your intimate partner will think you’re loony tunes and reject you?So if you are dating someone and you really like that person (and are hoping that the relationship will progress to something serious), the question isn’t so much whether you should disclose, but when you should disclose.

A person who would reject you simply because you’re in therapy is probably not the loving and supportive partner that you deserve, so good riddance to that person.

When you disclose this personal information to the person you’ve been dating, be sure to watch his or her reactions, seeing how your disclosure (your honesty and trust) is received.

The other person’s reactions will tell you a lot about who you are dating and what that person is really like.

Most people attend outpatient psychotherapy seeking help with relatively minor life issues.

For these folks, being in therapy is usually a low-stress, non-shameful, fully integrated activity leading to insight and personal growth.

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