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Participants also struggle to prove one of the others to be a 'persecutor' which is the bad role.The roles are never stable, of course, because no one believes they are a persecutor.2) When any participant is overtaken with rage, envy, and desire for revenge, he or she may move to hurt or control the other person, all the while putting responsibility for his or her behavior on them.

Although her life situation isn’t great, she always tries to do her best. [Read More...]A drama about the careers and love lives of urban professionals.

This program is designed to give men the ability to fulfill your sexual fantasies, date without drama, and settle down with an amazing woman, on your terms.

A romantic comedy about a man who doesn't want to get married and a woman who earnestly wants to get married.

This couple still in love but they chose to separate after their … This song is used as theme song to Kamenashi Kazuya's Ore Ore movie. [Read More...] The beat, the song just everything is fantastic.

While testing out the interdimensional traveling gear, the representatives from KO One accidentally repeated the same mistake their predecessor made: They crushed Liu Bei with a boulder.

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Min Yeong works as a dating agent and while her field of work requires her to offer her clients the perfect match by levels, she romantically believes that love shouldn't have restrictions.

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