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BBC cameraman Sim Harris was captured scurrying to safety, jumping over a balcony, while smoke billowed from the building after a curtain caught fire.What was unseen by cameras were the other teams – including Horsfall and Firmin - sweeping through the building in a race to free the hostages before they were shot.

They all come across as grunting simple-minded men who can't string a sentence together.The death was the signal for the SAS - motto Who Dares Wins – to be sent in.The SAS teams, who had arrived secretly in London from their Hereford base, were given permission by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to carry out a rescue mission given the code name Operation Nimrod.The 1980 raid was televised as troops stormed the Embassy to free 26 hostages trapped inside.The film has now been dramatised by Hollywood but has sparked outrage 'I was just so angry watching the film because it was all wrong,' Horsfall, 60, told Mail Online.

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