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Sharon, his wife of thirty-three years, lay naked and unconscious in the bathtub. who had assisted in attempts to resuscitate Sharon, offered to take Guthrie to the hospital. Brad Randall, a forensic pathologist, performed an autopsy the following day. Fountain was arrested at the residence of a woman with whom he was staying. We held, “[a] defendant is not automatically entitled to expect that the contents of articles left behind at another premises will remain private and, should he leave such articles behind, he assumes the risk that the other person may consent to a search.” Id. Guthrie attempts to distinguish Fountain, claiming he did not voluntarily leave the computer with the Hewitts as he was forced to move out of his home and was in custody. Because the application of a statute to particular facts involves a question of law, we review the circuit court's conclusions de novo. In light of these facts, Guthrie's description of the circumstances surrounding Sharon's death was not privileged. W.2d 640.[¶ 70.] Guthrie argues that the circuit court erred in admitting his conversations with Davis under the Karlen standard. Berman's testimony as to Sharon's state of mind was relevant, helpful to the jury, and based on a reliable foundation. We found that testimony impermissibly entered the realm of ultimate legal conclusions. Clearly, no legal conclusion is required to find suicide, therefore neither Zens nor Robbins mandate a finding of abuse of discretion in this instance. However, in so doing, the State was bound to use admissible expert testimony. In fact, even with the proper scientific basis, such opinion testimony would necessarily have invaded the province of the jury.[¶ 102.] Such testimony is improper where an expert attempts to opine on the ultimate issue squarely before the jury. However, I part company with the conclusion of the lead opinion that any error was harmless. Ed.2d 246, 250 (stating that if the protections afforded “have any efficacy it must apply to indirect and surreptitious interrogations as well as those conducted in the jailhouse”).

Guthrie, a Presbyterian minister, called 911 for emergency assistance. We find that Hewitt possessed such common authority.[¶ 59.] In Fountain this Court addressed a similar question. After Fountain was taken to jail, the woman consented to a search of her home. He claimed that because his jacket was searched after he had been taken to jail, the search was invalid. [¶ 61.] The clergy privilege is defined in SDCL 19-13-16 and 17. Furthermore, this conversation was initiated by Davis who called to offer his regrets as any other family friend might do. Thus, the posture of the issue on appeal before us was whether the trial court abused its discretion in precluding the evidence. Davis, Basic Guide to Standards of Judicial Review, 33 SD Law Rev. As such, it is not surprising that neither the lead opinion nor dissent is able to cite to a single case in which this Court reversed the admission of expert testimony under the restrictive theories of admissibility they now advocate.[¶ 90.] In both Robbins and Zens, no abuse of discretion was found to exist as the precluded evidence sought to directly inform the jury as to which party was negligent. Suicide is statutorily defined as “the intentional taking of one's own life.” SDCL 22-16-36. The State contended from the outset that by eliminating the other potential causes of death, it would prove that Sharon was murdered by Guthrie. Such psychological profile failed to meet the criteria under Daubert to declare with certainty that a person committed suicide. W.2d 794, 796 (expert cannot determine negligence as that role is exclusively for a jury); State v. Though trials are sometimes a battle of experts, the experts should not decide them, juries should.[¶ 103.] I agree with the lead opinion that the trial court abused its discretion by allowing such testimony.

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Each state maintains its own adoption policies, so the process can vary considerably for families in different states.

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