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A multimedia installation based on her Santa Ana fairy tales is now on view at Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana through May 14.Fairy tales may be a relatively new approach for García, but writing has been a fixture in her life, ever since her father died unexpectedly of an aneurysm in 1988 when she was just 14.During her four years in south Orange County, she longed for her hometown—and the desire to return there germinated within her for decades.Last year, she began transforming her childhood memories and desires into fairy tales, albeit those out of Grimm, not Disney.

There is an equestrian statue of him in the middle of London's Whitehall which William and Kate will be able to see from their carriage procession after the service. Prince Adolphus Frederick (1774-1850) was the 1st Duke of Cambridge and the seventh son of George III.

The Duke of Cambridge has been a royal title since the reign of Charles II.

The first Duke of Cambridge was a Stuart prince who only lived for a few months, followed by others who were styled with title but also died very young.

But the Duke did not seek the sovereign's approval and the marriage was never recognised.

Miss Fairbrother was ostracised by the Royal Family and never given the title the Duchess of Cambridge.

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