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From there, the young people came - just like the fans of the enthusiastic East Texas music scene.Microphones placed in the middle of the audience took on the enthusiasm of the crowd for the radio transmission.Clay and Dean Upson, who belonged to the management of the radio station KWKH in Shreveport. The reception was initially limited to Louisiana and the surrounding states.From 1954, a 30-minute excerpt was transferred overseas via the AFN network.And over the CBS network the show reached entire North-America.Horace Logan’s career in radio began when he was 16 years old and won a contest as an announcer for KWKH.

To alleviate the pressures surrounding the sudden move to Memphis, the Presley's joined the First Assembly of God church located at 1084 Mc Lemore Street at the South Main section.

David Kent took over the naming rights in 1975 and revived the Hayride 1973-1987 again.

The show was performed in a different building with a reduced array of stars on.

The balustrade was decorated all around with a small wrap of velvet, and the main room had folding chairs that could be taken up for dances and basketball exhibitions.

Behind the stage were spacious dressing rooms and a large, common dressing room on the second floor were set up as a meeting place for artists.

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