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PS: we never use the OKFN acronym anymore - always go for “Open Knowledge” or “OK” if you really want to acronyn I’ve noticed that more and more projects are using things like Slack as the chat medium for their open source projects. I would say it comes it to its own when you do a LOT with it for an organization with many different units/topics/sub-teams and that would for sure decrease the amount of exchange here on org.

In the past couple of days alone, I’ve been directed to Slack for Babel and Bootstrap. So, my thoughts on this are: IRC I think we’d all like it if IRC was … Only the technically inclined use IRC, and even then, I know many programmers who simply see no value in it at all, when there are other communication channels with less friction. Self-hosting It is quite honestly not a great use of time or resources for OKI doing this.

In need of some inspiration for your own Attention Grabber? We've also included the hex value for each template, so that you can match the color of your theme in the Appearance settings.

And, if you want to search history, Slack becomes very expansive for a large group, 6$/user.

In the past couple of days alone, I’ve been directed to Slack for Babel and Bootstrap. @Roux RC the issue is that IRC is an obstacle in my experience. Yes, you have to register with a company – and be willing to share what are basically public conversations (I note our IRC channel is logged publicly).

On your last point, the fact is I don’t think building a shiny web interface to IRC with the kind of features as Slack, or even deploying and maintaining such an app, is something that would be at the top of the list of priorities – even if Open Knowledge had “spare” resources to dedicate (which I don’t believe it does - as always there are far more good things to be worked on than there is resource to do it).

There are two options, an Attention Grabber which shows when your chatbox is online, and one which shows when you are offline.

You can use our dashboard to upload your own image, or to choose one from our library.

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It is not entirely Git Hub dependent and the freemium plan is very flexible.

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