Younger women are intimidating

I hope my blog has been beneficial and informative for you as it was for me. Many teenage girls and women are self conscious about their weight.It is a common fear to be overweight and unaccepted by society for their appearance.However, some people unnecessarily worry about their weight due to false portrayals of beauty provided by the media.It is important to be aware of your weight and overall body health, and avoid meticulous obsession.

It is important for society to redevelop the idea of beauty before more psychological and physiological damage is done.In my opinion, it is clear that the media is manipulative in their arguments, using models who are too thin and digital technology to create an unrealistic image of beauty for girls and women.Self-consciousness and lack of self-esteem is prevalent in today’s young females, some of which can be attributed to the modeling, fashion, and entertainment industries.A BMI of under 19 is universally considered underweight, above 25 is deemed overweight, and anything above 30 is considered obese for all adults.Women must keep in mind that they naturally have more body fat than men do because it is necessary for child birth.

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I not only address the causes and effects of the media’s negativity, but I also provide an inspiring twist that will hopefully bring about changes in the way girls and women view themselves.

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