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This latency can range from extremely low (thousandths of a second) to values closer to the duration of a video frame.Changing encoding parameters can lower this value at the expense of encoded video quality.It happens about once a week — a new customer starts their very first stream with a camera pointed at themselves; while watching it on their computer or tablet, they’re surprised to discover that they’re watching themselves from about 30 seconds ago, and they call us to ask why their stream is so delayed.Many streaming newcomers are used to tools like Skype or Face Time that allow them to collaborate with others in real-time and feel a lot like talking on the phone or in person. In this post, we’ll answer this question and provide a deeper understanding of live video streaming and how it works.

Tools like Box Cast, Livestream, Ustream, and You Tube Live fall primarily into the former camp, while tools like Face Time, Skype, and Zoom fall into the latter.Minimum: about 1 millisecond Maximum: about 40-50 milliseconds The encoded video takes time to transmit over the Internet to a VDS.This latency is affected by the encoded media bitrate (lower bitrate usually means lower latency), the latency and bandwidth of the internet connection, and the proximity (over the Internet) to the VDS.The Canary will chirp whenever someone is about to call into the device.Canary Talk can also handle multiple people calling at once. You can see a demo here: In addition to all that, users can now also access their device's live stream through Canary's desktop app, which is located at my.

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