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"We are pleased with the overall growth and momentum delivered during the third quarter of 2017 by all three of BBX Capital's verticals, which includes Bluegreen Vacations, our BBX Capital Real Estate division and BBX Capital Middle Markets division.For the three-month period ending September 30, 2017, Bluegreen Vacations reported 0.2 million in system-wide sales of VOIs, .4 million of other fee-based services revenue, and Adjusted EBITDA of .0 million.Maybe your highest best use isn’t working for a living anymore.There are so many ways, big and small, to make an impact in people’s lives.The following selected information relates to the operating activities of Bluegreen, BBX Capital Real Estate, BBX Sweet Holdings and Renin.

Bluegreen believes its screening of marketing guests will ultimately result in improved efficiencies in its sales process.

Lastly, BBX Sweet Holdings' recently acquired business, IT'SUGAR, generated .6 million in revenue and .3 million of income before taxes during the third quarter."BBX Capital's goal remains building long-term shareholder value rather than focusing on quarterly or annual earnings.

Since many of BBX Capital's assets do not generate income on a regular or predictable basis, our objective is long-term growth as measured by increases in book value and intrinsic value over time," Levan concluded.

I’m sure a lot of people would answer yes but it’s usually not true.

Besides, there’s some young kid out there looking for work. Maybe they even really love doing what you have learned to hate. So, are you wasting precious time engaged in work that isn’t your highest and best use?

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