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In this space students now have the ability to access social media on the school i Pads, to do their homework on laptops, to access content streamed on to our big screen TV, to play the video games consoles, or even table football!As well as this, The Den is a place where students can simply eat lunch, drink a coffee from our school coffee shop, or chat with their friends (face-to-face or on social media) in a bright and welcoming atmosphere!Je kunt Flash ook ontgrendelen door op het "puzzel" icoon in de rechter bovenhoek van je browser te klikken.Je gebruikt momenteel de flash-functie voor de chat: die is volledig geoptimaliseerd en toont alles.The city sits on the banks of the river Thames and boasts a variety of world-famous museums, galleries and libraries.Besides the traditional attractions, there are hundreds of modern restaurants, pubs, clubs and riverside cafes to enjoy.40,000 students and 39 university colleges give Oxford a very unique 'student' atmosphere - an ideal place to learn English!The city has a deserved worldwide reputation for the quality of education.

Druk alsjeblieft op de "rocker" om Flash voor je browser mogelijk te maken.We also provide a daily drop-in session with a teacher for study tips and our Job Club.The Den, our student lounge, is fully integrated with technology.We are located in the heart of the city, in the historic St.Giles district, just a few minutes from Christ Church College, where Harry Potter was filmed.

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Oxford University is the oldest English-speaking university in the world, dating back to 1249, and is consistently ranked in the top 3 in the world.

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