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With its own network, the opportunities for charging users are more obvious: Skype, for instance, makes you pay for connectivity to the conventional phone network and for multi-user video chat.

And then I talked to Georges Harik, Imo’s co-founder.

Users of both the i Phone and Android versions of Facebook’s app have found the main app altered so that a second app – Messenger – is required to send person-to-person messages.

Without the extra app, the function is removed – sparking further concerns over Facebook privacy.

Back in 2012, Google acquired my favorite service for connecting to multiple instant-messaging networks, Meebo, and shut it down. K.: I switched to a newer contender, Imo, and found that I liked it even more.

So much, in fact, that I nominated it for our list of the 50 best sites that year.

Harik says that the company has some valuable technology in this area — unlike bigger rivals, it can do video calls in a web browser, no downloads or plug-ins required — that will help the new incarnation of Imo stand out in a crowded field.

The trouble started last May, when Skype suddenly started blocking Imo’s access to Skype’s network.(Here’s a quaint article from 2000 raising the possibility that the FTC might nix the merger of TIME corporate overlord Time Warner with AOL unless AOL agreed to make AIM compatible with instant messengers from other companies such as Microsoft and Yahoo.) Basically, it’s as if a Verizon customer couldn’t easily make phones calls to an AT&T customer, and vice versa. But at this point, it seems unlikely that it’ll ever change; in all the bushels of coverage of Facebook’s acquisition of Whats App, I didn’t see one pundit argue that Facebook should open up the Whats App network to work with something like Imo.With Imo’s support for other networks about to go bye-bye, I’m in the market for a new multi-client IM app. It’s an old-timer of the category — I used a version on my Treo 650 as early as 2005 or thereabouts — so I figure it’s as likely as anything to stick around. I conducted my chat with Harik on my i Pad, via Imo’s video chat service; the quality was excellent and everything went off without a hitch.Without warning, a major network didn’t work in Imo.Imo users, Harik said, assumed that it was Imo’s fault, so the company bore the brunt of their frustration.

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