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It’s so refreshing to be surrounded by scholars and academics.Finally you can have an intelligent conversation with like-minded people who like you for your brains instead of your body.Here’s the perception and reality of dating in college.Expectation: Kids have this vision of a perfect viewed in a completely different way before and after you attend.

If you’re lucky enough to hook up with someone, you probably sucked at it, and you’re unlikely to get a call back.Reality: You don’t realize how bad college students are at kissing until you kiss them. Unfortunately, they’ll still try too hard to replicate what they’ve seen in the media and on the Internet.These “women” may sound intelligent (and are likely quoting something they learned in their freshman Sociology class about how they are), but they’re every bit the same mess you are.Regardless of whether you’re looking for a one-night stand or long-term relationship, the dating world can be a confusing and frustrating place to navigate.Understanding what a mate wants and needs — and coming to terms with your own wants and needs — in a relationship is something that can take years to learn and refine, experience in which college students are often seriously lacking.

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