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Before founding his own dating academy and serving as full-time Director, David Tian was Assistant Professor (tenure track) in the Department of Philosophy at the National University of Singapore for almost three years until his resignation in 2010.

He steadily took on more clients and soon the local media began reaching out to him for tips on radio, press and TV shows.Simon Brenner, making his first appearance in season 14, episode 14 titled "Owner of a Broken Heart" which aired on 10 April 2008, though he was credited as a special guest star.When the show's 15th and final season premiere titled "Life After Death" aired on 25 September 2008, Lyons was added to the main cast..) Lyons co-stars as a militia general in a world where all forms of energy have ceased to function and human beings must adjust again to living without any modern technology.He is known for his roles as Josh Holiday in the Nine Network police drama Sea Patrol, Dr.

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David Tian (known also as The Asian Rake) has had considerable media exposure in Singapore over the last 5 years where he was known as "Doctor Date" and portrayed as the Asian "Hitch" (reference to Will Smith's dating coach film). In his late 20s he got divorced from his wife and moved to China to study and refind his bearings. in Asian Cultures and Philosophy from The University of Michigan.

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