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Ignoring session (giving)speedy tips session (receiving)Goddess Worship-CFNM clothed female naked man Female Supremacy Total Power Exchangeslave training (giving)sissy training humiliation (giving ..

It is a privilege to give free talk/preview,but dont abuse it. Tell me about yr fetishes/submissive side/intos/limits. )(MOST OF THIS session are SAFE SANE AND CONSENSUAL, using my SOPHROLOGY not forgot that I am also expert in VERBAL AND MENTAL HUMILIATION):*************************************************************************************************************************************Ownership&Collaring; (mind control),slave&sissy;&chastity;&anal;&human; pet training,humiliation(giving),speedy tips session,abrasion DISCIPLINE: you need: ruler, whip, crop, flog, tissues, aloe vera gel, tooth paste and bookssissification,bimbofication,verbal abuse,tease&denial;,blk,feminization,erotic hypno,medical&foot;°radation; play(giving),massage prostate,figging,keyholding,cuckolding,pay pigs,interrogation,orgasm denial/control,exposer/public humiliation(giving),watersports training(giving), Wrestling fantesy.waxing(giving),em domination&task; settings.

generous members who sustain fetish models can watch my folder: Tokens gifts list for my online room. Heat/Electric: 4 000 tokens /month (until 25 of month)4.

renovation of MY NEW WORK ROOM 3 368 tokens ITS VERY IMPORTANT TO ACCOMPLISHED ASAP! Bank House Rate: 16 000 tokens /month (until 25 of month)3.

Surgical correction of ear lobe(one was split because of my earings): 17 700 tokens TOTAL: 51 068 tokens *************************************************************************************************************************************ADOPT bill/s: 1/as many as you can afford it! Health/retire Assurance 4 000 tokens /month (until 25 of month)2.

For my middle finger just ask polite(OR TELL ME how much you enjoy it) after tip, also for verbal abuse! Be willing one with me and I will help you to feel safe when we r alone. (I help HUMANS TO HAVE DIFFERENT FEELINGS)When yr wallet and yr body will be bound,yr mind will be free and yr soul sighs.*************************************************************************************************************************************BDSM involve CONSENSUAL=giving and receiving.

*************************************************************************************************************************************No matter how many credits you will spend here, I will appreciate! Btw,domination is the act of taking or accepting control of a WILLING person/human.

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Words without proper actions/facts = blasphemy my religion*BDSM it is my sexual WORLD. I will pay attention only2visitors who are really know why a mistress like me is in a free room chat. A friend for life or a lesson for life.*************************************************************************************************************************************Main areas of interest: Just Giving(IM ONLY ONLINE BASED, pls respect this border, thank you!

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