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‘It was Harry who made the move as he was looking after her.

‘At one point he was stroking her hair as she lay her head on the table.

While onstage in Portugal this past weekend, Grohl let it slip that Mosshart also appears on the album.

Surely it must be a singular experience to work and perform with someone like Jack White, who drums for this particular band. “It’s a fucking roller coaster; it’s fantastic to collaborate with anyone that has a million ideas a minute. so to stand there in front of him on stage is weird for me: ‘How are you sitting down?

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FInd me on Twitter @Genna1_1 View all posts by Genevieve Gao The Kills is a rock band formed by American singer Alison Mosshart (“VV”) and British guitarist Jamie Hince (“Hotel”).

‘But they were having a great time together, laughing and joking with a lot of PDA.

Allison said out to the audience "woah there's a lot of you out there" when she saw how many people wanted to watch them.

I was in the pit for the show cause KROQ traded me tickets it was a one off random thing where they announced in the front where they said that if anyone had shitty tickets to bring them up to their tent and they trade. Allison looked me in the eye for like a whole minute during the Kills set and I was in total awe.

Gearing up for Mosshart’s 37th birthday tomorrow, we take you through six of her top live moments with a few other prolific musos in the rock world.

After a haunting first verse from frontman Alex Turner [Arctic Monkeys], Mosshart delivered some of her best vocals to date as she transitioned easily from her low to high range.

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