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This has affected the future prospects of the concrete producing industry, which is now again looking into expanding its production capacity and continuing adopting modern production and material technology.For international suppliers of the concrete producing industry, the potential for strengthening existing business relationships and establishing new networks in Russia is therefore promising.During experiments three mixtures of SCC with different properties were obtained.The first one is experimental and shows the possibility of obtaining SCC with high compressive strength with 60% of fly ash from the mass of cement.The main advantage of admixing fly ash in concrete is decrease of amount of used cement.This investigation was held to find out if it is possible to utilize fly ash by its use in high amounts in self-compacting concrete.The opening presentation was given by Jordi Pujol, who explained the business strategies of his Spanish-based company Group Pujol.Despite the recent worldwide financial crisis, Group Pujol expanded their production capacity by purchasing a large precast plant in the UK, proving that especially in times of economic slowdown it is important to expand produc- tion capacity and upgrade production facilities in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Some effort is necessary to meet the challenges and to gain the benefits SCC technology offers and the presentation gave an insight into the necessary practical considerations for successful implementation of SCC production.Meanwhile, each ash dump is a local ecological disaster.Ash dumps take a lot of place and destroy natural landscape.Petersburg, attracting 600 delegates and close to 90 exhibitors.The good attendance and the high status of delegates from the Russian industry indicated the recovery of the Russian industry after times of economic slowdown.

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During the conference, 16 Russian and international speakers gave presentations applicable to current industry needs.

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