Dating more than one girl

A first date with a corporate-style player is as relaxing as a high-pressure job interview (for a job you're not sure you want) as they mentally tick boxes and suss your potential worth on the marriage market.

I have been asked before the starter 'So what is it that you are looking for in a relationship?

'Of course I'd love to be in a relationship, but I haven't got the energy to waste with men who can't commit.

I do think there are perfectly well-adjusted men out there, but they are already in relationships.' Francesca was seeing a man who took her out to dinner often, yet told her he couldn't have a relationship with her because he was waiting for the woman who would 'knock his socks off'.

Recently, I gave a talk to 300 women entitled Hope After Heartbreak.

I catalogued my emotionally devastating 30s; getting divorced, having a child with a younger man and being left a single mother.

My friends and I have a horrible suspicion that the answer is no.The topic was much debated when I went on a detox holiday in Morocco at Easter with nine single women, ranging in age from mid-30s to late-40s and all looking for love.At first I thought it would be an oestrogen-infused nightmare, but as I got to know the women, all well-educated and successful (including bankers, a lawyer, a top fashion buyer, a media executive and an art historian), we bonded over our inability to find our male match.One City high-flyer told me over dinner in a slick Mayfair restaurant that he couldn't contemplate a relationship with a woman with whom he didn't have compatible skin tone.He ordered me to whip off my watch so we could compare our natural skin colour.

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In America, to have a woman with a ring on her finger gives you status.

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