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He has smuggled his small dog, "Kiwi", into the dormitories.In Lyoko, his avatar is a Cat Boy version of himself, including claws and a tail.As the most level-headed, he keeps the infighting within the group to a minimum.He can even get a bit authoritarian, despite being the youngest.

At least he still has a marginally useful energy shield, granted as part of the Season 2 power realignment. A good student, she is a Japanese national at the boarding school, living off-campus with her family.

He dresses in flashy, clashing colors, mostly purple and yellow.

Though physically petite compared to the rest of the team, he is an adrenaline junkie, just the type to go for extreme sports.

Her virtual form is a geisha with a collapsible razor-edged fan, with which she can deflect energy bolts.

The fan is controlled telekinetically, and can be thrown as a ranged weapon, returning to her hand after an attack.

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Also a passable student; his strengths are in the languages and artistic classes.

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