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In 1984, Knight and brother Jonathan were recruited by a producer to form "New Kids on the Block" and were signed to Columbia Records in 1986.Their first album flopped, but their second effort, "Hangin’ Tough" spawned several hits.When the New Kids broke up in 1994, he went on to solo.Music moved Knight as a child growing up in Boston, the youngest of six children of an Episcopal priest and a mother who was an avid horse breeder.In 2005, Knight appeared on the British show "" by Mario.In September 2005, he also starred in a British documentary on five in the UK called "Trust Me - I’m A Holiday Rep".

On May 16 they performed live for the first time in 15 years on Today's Show where they announced a reunion tour and CD release.

The couple have two children together, Dante Jordan (b.

American musician and member of the "New Kids on the Block," a manufactured rock group of superstars that originated in the working class of Boston and flourished in the late ‘80s.

In his final debriefing he earned praise from the head reps, who said they would (hypothetically) offer him a job as a children's and transfer rep.

Jordan was also a celebrity appearing on Identity, hosted by chart.

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During the band’s hiatus he launched a solo career but developed an alcohol problem, conquered only seven years ago.

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