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Among other things, he stated: "I'm straight, but the character was too important to me to muddle his world with my private life. I think it may have helped to introduce Brian as a believable gay man. However it played, it's been out of my hands for a long time".

At the Rise 'n Shine Convention (June 9, 2013), Harold said that he was currently working on a project about Civil War, Field of Lost Shoes.

He relocated to Los Angeles and began a 3-year period of intensive drama study.

At 28, he was accepted into the Actors Conservatory Program with the classical theater company A Noise Within.

He worked a variety of jobs including construction, bartender, waiter, and apprentice motorcycle mechanic and restorer.

Harold appeared in November 2007 in a guest role on ABC's Grey's Anatomy as Shane, a paramedic and white supremacist with a swastika tattooed on his abdomen, who is injured in an ambulance crash.

During the summer-hiatus from Queer as Folk (between seasons one and two) Harold made his New York theatrical debut playing Josh in Uncle Bob along with George Morfogen.

The role of Josh was difficult and very different from the one he was playing in Queer as Folk.

He was creepy as hell threatening Adam's father (Adam Harrington) and even creepier when he was putting on the nice guy act for Cassie... We already love to hate him." The show would air on the Sy Fy network from April 15, 2013. He sort of walks the line between diplomacy and some of the more hard-knuckled aspects of the world that they’re all in – this post-apocalyptic tribal war zone.

When he was asked about his character (Conor Lang) on the show Harold said: He’s a government agent who works for the Earth alliance. I think, like any good politician, he’s taking his chances when they present themselves.

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