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I spotted it through a second floor balcony, a beautiful painting, very primitive, of a man sitting on a horse with lots of beautiful landscape. I said, ‘Where can I get another painting like this?In those days coffeehouses were only for men, but it was ten in the morning and there were no men inside, so I went up and asked if I could buy it, but the man said no. ’ He said, ‘The other coffeehouse; they might sell theirs’. The paintings used to be part of a performance of storytelling at these coffeehouses, but radio had come along by then, and people would sit and listen to the radio, instead of sitting around talking about paintings.

I ended up with about a hundred pieces, and they’re very large. I said Salvador Dalí should come and learn how they make all the different subjects, so many beautiful scenes.I said to myself, I must do something like that, something that people can hang in their homes.And from then on I went to see all the mirror work in the different shrines. Mirrors would get broken along the Silk Road, and rather than waste them, craftsman architects used the shards, as they used tile and plaster, in their geometric design.MSF: I was doing freelance fashion drawings, and I drew some flowers – we call them Iranian violets – and sold them for 0 to an agency.Later it became the design for the Bonwit Teller department store.

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