Pisces dating pisces same birthday

I've always thought I couldn't figure out why I was considered "Different" I really am not firey as they say an Aries is. But what other aspects go along with this combination? I met one other March 22nd, and he had the same thing, but he tried hard to fit in and forget himself. I was born on March 22, Ive only met two other ppl with my exact bday and one is similar to me the other Im not too sure of.Im March 22nd also, so I guess its not as rare as you thought, Elliot! Most ppl have bdays on the 21st or 23rd, I feel as though mine is rare. Venus, the passionate planet of partnerships, will make her grand, glamorous entrance into the dreamy sign of Pisces on February 10, 2018.Because she is so easily taken advantage of in this way, she needs to work on being more discriminating in her choice of partner.Sometimes the Pisces woman can become too dependent on her mate.Also, Ive read astrology books, it told me I could be pisces-aries or aries-taurus. Our approach to love and partnership is impacted by whatever sign Venus happens to be in, and romance doesn't get much sweeter than when Venus is exalted in emotional Pisces. continued »by Raven Bailey Fat Tuesday, on February 13, 2018, is the last day of Carnival and the night before Roman Catholics give up their most sinful of pleasures for Lent.No matter what your religion, Mardi Gras is always one big party, celebrated with parades, galas, booze, and even nudity. Embrace the quiet of winter with a little weekend getaway!To be in love with a Pisces woman can be a great responsibility.

When a relationship is going well, the Pisces woman is a wonderful lover who creates an almost magical home for her lover and their children.Pisces woman compatibility is at its greatest with a sensitive man who isn’t afraid to explore his feminine side.The Pisces woman is very quick to fall in love, and if you’re dating a Pisces girl you may find yourself getting entangled faster than you would like.She is also mystical, spiritual and wise beyond her years, almost as if she has lived before.Her intuition is unbeatable, and her instincts are almost always correct.

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