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He became a Republican stalwart who worked in the congressional offices of Mr.

She said that as early as middle school, he loved to watch returns come in on election night.

Marienthal speaks French fluently as he learned it from Berkeley High School in 2004.

The movie starred Michael Keaton as a father who died in a road accident; leaving his son and wife devastated.

The following year, thanks to the wonders of a magic harmonica, he is temporarily resurrected - as a snowman.

Cross' sister, Gina Cross, said friends noticed that he hadn't been posting on Facebook or showing up at a favorite restaurant, which raised concerns. Ehrlich, writing that the former governor's failed 2010 run against Gov. Cross described himself as "a lifelong political animal and a longtime Maryland Republican" who drafted a speech for delivery at the Republican National Convention for "Benghazi mom" Patricia Smith, attacking Democrat Hillary Clinton for her alleged role in her son's death. Cross wrote that he could not support GOP nominee Donald Trump and saw no better choice than to vote for Clinton."The prospect of voting for Hillary Clinton is uncomfortable to me, as if Dr.

Ehrlich and Helen Delich Bentley during the 1980s and 1990s. Ehrlich's congressional press secretary from 1995 to 1998. Cross later worked as communications director for the Downtown Partnership before going to work at the State House after Mr. He stayed through the four years of the administration but later became critical of Mr.

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In the year 2008, he graduated magna cum laude from Brown University with a double major in international development studies and comparative literature.

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