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The problem is actually fairly well understood (Freud and Jung both wrote article after article about this stuff).

I’d like her to put her kit back on, leaving us to play copycat with the women who really do inspire — and that does not mean curling up in a cardie.In doing so he gets to transcend a feeling of shame or failure in his loveless marriage. She gets to regress into a more infantile state, letting daddy take care of her emotional needs, rather than learning to take care of herself and pass into adulthood.If you’re wondering why you meet grown women who haven’t progressed beyond the emotional age of 13, well, this might be a reason in some of those instances…The part of her body that Welch seeks to display is essentially no more than a relic. So when, with the best will in the world, that intent can no longer be met? Now this is not to say that sexuality does not endure.Those breasts are 30 years past the sell-by date for their true purpose, which is the suckling and nurturing of a beloved, needy infant. Many women and men enjoy a sex life to a fine old age, before tumbling into the tomb with a well-sated grin on their faces.

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