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This is typically considered a poor match, and initially it isn't always an easy or smooth one.

Indeed, it may not be for every Virgo or every Aries.

However if you work at this relationship it can pay huge dividends for both of you.

You prefer to take a back seat and focus on things such as efficiency and details.

Your Aries meanwhile is a human dynamo, hitting everything in life head on, with little or no patience for details or boredom, and in control of everything.

Pretty much everything you hate, they excel at, and vice versa.

This is a summarized picture, a real compatibility reading is needed to judge a real relationship.

It's also worth noting that Soulmates can be found in any sun sign match, even those which are statistically likely to have low compatibility.

While it's true they often dislike getting too emotional or vulgar, this is only because they tend to have a very tight 'feedback' loop running, to monitor and censor themselves constantly.

Even identical twins, who were living as two embryos in their mother's womb, do not have all the things in common.

So, I think both similarities and differences are needed between mates in a real meaningful relationship .. everything is beautiful if we look without glasses of prejudice.

Pretty much everything you hate, they excel at, and vice versa making for a perfect match if you can stay on the same page.

To give examples of the difference in viewpoints: You may find your partner is particularly critical of you, and it may lead to a fight or two, until you realize they say things not to be petty or annoying, but because they genuinely want to improve you, and help make you 'totally perfect'.

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You're a very aggressive and passionate person, with little tolerance for details or boredom, and you like to be in control.

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  1. I even tried it when my boyfriend and I took a short break, and I found it was painstakingly difficult and more complicated than my experience dating an older guy. The texting games (How long should I wait to text him back? It’s exhausting), the fear of commitment that plagues most twentysomethings, and the simple fact that most guys my age aren’t as emotionally mature as I am.