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When Verizon came to the table last year with an eerily similar opening proposal, it was clear that the telecom giant has a long-term agenda to cut jobs that sustain families, decrease its menu of services they offer to many of our communities and offshore and contract out work overseas and to contractors.

Verizon employees’ contracts expired last August, and an overwhelming majority of CWA and IBEW members voted then to authorize a strike in case labor and management fail to reach fair contracts.

That is, until a couple of months ago when I went to upgrade our two Verizon phones to last years model “i Phone” – for 99¢ each….

They wanted to charge me around 0 in fees to do it.

For the first time in 15 years, I looked for a new cell-phone carrier: Republic Wireless.

You see – I’d been with the same cell phone carrier since college – Verizon – and frankly, I hadn’t run into any issues.

And on the other, they are systemically ignoring maintenance needs on their landline network,” said Ed Mooney, vice president for CWA District 2-13, which covers Pennsylvania to Virginia.

These are life-altering changes to the men and women at Verizon who are just trying to pay their bills and ensure a brighter future for their families. Verizon has also given its non-union employees a mobile surveillance app that can monitor and take geotagged photos of union members throughout negotiations.

But in 2012, Verizon announced it would no longer expand its Fi OS service, leaving customers in many places without access to high-speed Internet.

Why would the company not want to increase its customer base for a popular service?

As the teams of working people at Verizon stand together, it’s important that we have their backs.

If Verizon gets its way, we’re allowing Verizon’s CEO to rewrite the rules in their favor yet again, instead of ensuring that more of our friends and neighbors have jobs that value our families and bolster our communities.

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