Beautiful intelligent women intimidating

Time and again men report that intelligence is one of the top qualities they look for in a woman.

From a biological standpoint, this makes sense; smarter women would be better able to look after a man’s children and more likely to pass along these smart genes to offspring.

They also suggest that a date’s body language, rather than how they converse, may be the best indicator of their level of interest. (Psychological) Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder Effects of Psychological Distance and Relative Intelligence on Men’s Attraction to Women.

When you get cheated on, it can be tempted to wonder what you did wrong. It’s more about the other person being selfish and acting out on some shortcoming in their own lives, without thinking of the consequences this could have on you.

Now, the majority of men rated the more intelligent women less attractive and showed less desire to exchange contact information or plan a date.

The researchers found that men whose partners performed better tended to put more distance between their chairs and their partners’, which suggested a desire to be further away.

When men actually meet women who are smarter than them, this once attractive trait instead becomes a turnoff.

According to the researchers, the mere presence of a more intelligent woman was enough to make the men feel threatened, and "feelings of diminished masculinity accounted for men’s decreased attraction toward women who outperformed them in the live interaction context."While these results do not necessarily mean that all men are threatened by more intelligent women, they do shed an interesting light on the dynamic between what we say we want and what we really want.

Others find them fun, if a little addictive, and think they’re the best way to expand your In news that might not be surprising to anyone whose favorite method of dealing with a breakup is to immediately re-download Tinder, millennials who use dating apps spend an average of 10 hours per week swiping.

The dating app Badoo gathered this data based on its user data and a recent survey of millennials.

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They asked 105 men to read a hypothetical scenario about women who had either scored higher or lower than them on a recent exam, and then rank their attractiveness.

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