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Examples: a strong king, warrior etc (in the past), strong mafia leader, statesman, CEO of a Fortune 500 company BETA MALES General description: Weaker than alphas. Their role as a provider requires them to usually have at least average intelligence.Mating strategy: These men offer their resources for female emotional and sexual fidelity.

Their intelligence and morality are less important but must have at least average intelligence and are often quite intelligent.

You very rarely see a “badboy” meet these criteria.

When you do, it’s usually an alpha fooling around to get laid.

But, much more importantly, it is a story on the future of the human race currently threatened with extermination.

This isn’t some potential extermination which has not yet begun – it is an extermination which is already almost over.

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The easiest way to tell if a man is alpha is to observe if he has the respect and cooperation of other men, especially other men in general (i.e.

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