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Whenever he says I’m being unreasonable, I’m going to say, “Oh, yeah? His profile said he likes traveling, weekend getaways and rooftop bars.any of those things because I’m married with children, but I still like them.

You better believe I’ll be throwing those compliments in his face every time we get into an argument. One guy’s profile was so compelling I found myself looking forward to meeting him.

At first it was a little tricky convincing my husband to go along with the experiment.

I had to promise I wouldn’t actually go out on any dates.

Ok Cupid only gave him a 67 percent match, which is weird because I’d totally date him. As part of a well-rounded, scientific experiment, I also checked out Hinge, which I’d never heard of before probably because as a married woman I wasn’t really up on all the latest dating apps.

And there were some guys who seemed genuinely nice. The highest match I got was 87 percent, which wasn’t bad. It’s relatively new and bills itself as a site for relationships rather than mere hookups like that dating app. With a few right swipes of sample male profiles (left swipes meant I wasn’t interested) to clue the app in on my type and a couple of taps on my profile to select the appropriate pre-made descriptions of myself, I was all set up and ready to meet my hand-picked soulmates. I had high hopes for Hinge because the sample batch of men were all good-looking, well-educated professionals.

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