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’The little pieces of card read: “Have a chat with your fellow travelers.Wear this badge to let others know you’re interested. Start using it today.”With Tube Chat Twitter and Facebook accounts set up, and a trending hashtag #tube_chat, a phenomenon was born.A second batch of 500 badges is about to be delivered.He has decided to target a more “convivial” Tube station next time—possibly Russell Square, “assuming Tf L doesn’t destroy me for copyright infringement,” he said quietly.You do not need start and stop buttons in the Stream now live dashboard to start streaming.Send content from your encoding software and you’ll go live instantly. You can update anything in the Basic Info, Monetization, and Cards tab when you’re live.

People leave the station and go to work, they’re not in the mood for it—it was much harder than I thought it was going to be.”Most people looked down and scurried away from him, said Dunne.

This sort of stuff is quite dangerous; we don’t want people to get confused.

While it is an interesting idea, we don’t want people using our branding.”Presently, Tf L gives out “Baby on board” badges for expectant mothers to wield when wanting a seat—presumably because people are so rude or in their own worlds they fail to notice pregnant women needing a seat.

A Tf L spokeswoman told the Guardian: “It’s definitely not something we have created.

We are trying to get in touch with the people behind them as we never allow people to use our branding unless they have our permission.

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She is definitely not the type to hand out badges or talk to people on the train.”"People are worried about crazy people on the Tube,” he added.

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