Carbon dating super furry animals

It's not just the wide, generous grin—which he brandishes eagerly and often—but rather it's the way he manages to be two things at once.

Like a Lewis Carroll creation who just missed the Wonderland cut, he's simultaneously an outlandish caricature and real flesh and blood.

His social graces echo that of a Victorian gentleman.He stands when people arrive and leave, looks you in the eye, inquires as to how you are, gives you his full respect and attention.But, as he pauses in the midst of answer, there's that mischievous grin again...It's easy when you know how To get along without Biff! Welsh songwriter Gruff Rhys has something of a Cheshire cat quality about him.

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SS: There's a sense to me that on the layers are still there, it's just a little more purely integrated.

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