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Bald eagles mate for life, but when one dies, the survivor will not hesitate to accept a new mate.During breeding season, both birds protect the nest territory from other eagles and predators. In the South it may last from late September through November, while in the Great Plains and Mountain West, it may last from January through March. One way to determine the sex of an eagle is to examine its beak.The general premise of an inept lout who is transformed into a charismatic candidate manipulated by the economical elite is very interesting; and even though it's not completely original, I think it's appropriate to occasionally remember it in order to recognize it whenever we find it in the real world (something which undoubtedly happens with a sad frequency).However, the few intelligence from the screenplay is diluted by the coarse and vulgar humor employed as vehicle of the message.Bowl shaped nests occur where the tree trunk branches off into smaller upright branches. Bald eagles build their nests in large trees near rivers or coasts. If the nest tree falls or a strong wind blows a nest down, the established pair usually rebuilds at or near the site within a few weeks if it is near the breeding season.A nesting pair will also build a new nest if they feel threatened.The race tightens as Cam constantly shoots himself in the foot, while the prospect of winning also changes Marty and his family's dynamics.

Whichever it is, eagles do not actually copulate in the air.

I don't think so, but I can't deny I found the film entertaining nevertheless.

I think there's an excellent political satire hidden in some place of The Campaign.

Sticks placed in tree forks result in cylindrical or conical shaped nests.

Disk shaped nests are built on the ground or a tree branch which is nearly level. Over the years, some nests become enormous, as much as 9 feet in diameter, weighing two tons.

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