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Of all the springs and sites that would be visited on this pilgrimage, the San Marcos Springs are key.This is the creation site of the Coahuiltecan Indian tribes.Natives believe the painting depicts San Marcos and other Edwards springs as part of a sacred geography, and the panel is nothing less than the earliest map of Texas.One of its functions was serving as a guide for a sacred pilgrimage that people would endeavour to undertake at least once in their lives.

wide, the water 15 or 20 feet deep, yet so strong is the ebulition of the spring, that the water is thrown two or three feet above the surface of the stream.

In the eddies of the stream, water cresses and palmettoes grow to a gigantic size.

The best place to see the tremendous discharge of the Springs is at the two spillways at the southwest end of Spring Lake. The main spillway is adjacent to a restaurant where one can dine atop the dam. In the Lower Pecos region of southwest Texas there is a 4,000 year old cave painting known as the White Shaman panel.

I am persuaded that the quantity of water which is carried off by this stream in the course of a year is greater than that by the South Licking, it is about 60 feet wide and 3 feet deep on an average, with a curant of not less than ten or fifteen miles per hour.

Great numbers of the finest fish; and occasionally an alligator may be seen sporting in its chrystal waters...

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The Springs and the short 3.8 mile San Marcos River below them have been designated as critical habitat for five endangered species, including the Fountain Darter, the Texas Blind Salamander, the San Marcos Salamander, the San Marcos gambusia, and Texas Wild Rice. Marks we crossed the Blanco, a mountain torent of purest water, narrow and deep, there is the finest spring of springs (for they are not less than 50 in a distance of 200 yds.) I ever beheld.

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