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Cera has also stated idolising Bill Murray and enrolled at the Second City improvisation comedy venue taking improvisation classes. Lagerquist Senior Public School and Heart Lake Secondary School until grade nine, but then completed school online through grade 12 due to being cast in Arrested Development.Acting Career: Michael Cera began his career, working unpaid on Tim Hortons summercamp advertisements which lead to further advertisement work.Cera went onto to star in award winning short Darling Darling for which he was awarded Best Actor at the San Gio Festival in Verona, Italy.Cera continued to act in supporting roles on television and marketing videos including work with Judd Apatow which lead to Cera being cast in Seth Rogen's and Evan Goldberg's original screenplay, Superbad.

Cera spent three hours a day online in order for him to receive his education.

But it's all rather exhausting, because the story is simply too slippery for the audience to hold onto.

When we catch up with Batman (again voiced by Will Arnett), he's revelling in his lonely life surrounded by his huge collection of gadgets in the cave under Wayne Manor, where his only companion is his sardonic butler Alfred (Ralph Fiennes).

Childhood: Cera was born in Brampton, Ontario, Canada to immigrated parents, Linda, a native of Quebec and father Luigi, a technician from Sicily who both worked for Xerox.

Cera has two sisters and has stated he became interested in acting when he repeatedly watched Ghostbusters whilst diagnosed with chicken pox at three years old.

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